Adaptability, the perfect harmony of thoughtfully selected materials, majestic composition. These words describe the new commercial centre, which offers almost 24,724 square metres of prime office space spread out over six storeys, 3,824 square metres of retail space, and 279 parking spaces.

A tram and bus stop is located directly in front of the complex, and the main bus and railway stations are a short five-minute walk away. There is also a direct connection to the D1 motorway.

The project was designed by Vít Máslo and David R. Chisholm of CMC Architects. 

We specifically designed the complex for land situated on the north-eastern tip of the recently urbanised Karolina site, which is considered as the entry point leading from the historical town centre. The exposed corner of the site faces the Frýdlant Bridges.

This particular location predetermined the conception of the design as a ‘gateway’ to the new city district. We reflected the urban structure of the blocks and streets of the adjoining neighbourhoods in the design of the inner courtyard area, which we have designed as an ideal retreat for relaxing in a café, sitting on a bench with a good book, or meeting up with friends on the threshold between the new and old city.

Critical limitations that are typical for Ostrava were encountered during the design phase, specifically the ventilation shafts from the old mining works and the protected zones around them. The project transforms these technical features into distinctive works of art. The protective constructions have been conceived as industrial metal sculptures that dominate the inner courtyard and create key reference points on the mental map of the Karolina area. At the same time, we wanted to preserve a reminder of one of the important developmental stages of the entire territory.