21. 11. 2013

Nová Karolina Park wins itself a new tenant - Česká spořitelna

The administrative centre,forms part of an extensive multifunctional complex in the centre of Ostrava called Nová Karolina. With phased growth split into four stages and located within close proximity to Masaryk Square, the whole project spans 32 hectares of space. Once finished it will boast both modern office and retail space as well as an entertainment centre and new apartments.

The Nová Karolina Park administrative project, constituting an invisible gateway to the whole complex and which was finished at the start of this year, will soon be filled with additional new tenants. Over the past few days a lease contract has been signed with an important tenant - Česká spořitelna. The space will span 3600 sqm of offices as well as a branch situated on the first floor.

“Nová Karolina is a unique project where we envisage seeing a large concentration of clients ranging from private visitors to a number of prominent entrepreneurs in our region. A branch of Česká spořitelna certainly belongs here and we are delighted with the move and the chance to offer our services to all of our existing and future clients,” revealed Regional Director of the Česká spořitelna branch network, Roman Bigaj.