9. 1. 2014

Nová Karolina Park earns itself a new tenant - ABB

The modern administrative centre, Nová Karolina Park forms part of the extensive multifunctional Nová Karolina complex, located right in the heart of Ostrava within close proximity to Masaryk Square. The project spans across a total of 32 hectares of land, boasting a retail and entertainment centre as well as modern offices and new apartments.

The Nová Karolina Park administrative project, constituting an invisible gateway to the whole complex, was finished at the beginning of 2013. Tenants inside the modern administrative building include Česká spořitelna which will assume a total of 3 600 m2 of office space and will operate its branch on the ground floor.


ABB ČR will now rank as a further tenant to select Nová Karolina Park as its base. ABB is a leading company in power and automation technologies enabling utility and industry customers to boost performance while at the same time lowering the environmental impact. In the Czech Republic they operate in eight locations with more than 3 300 employees.


“Investing in manufacturing plants and engineering centres such as the global engineering centre in Ostrava is a long-term priority for us. Their contributions also highlight the achievements of Czech engineers and the importance of the Ostrava-based centre intended for European customers in the industry sector.  The new base at Nová Karolina will also provide us with more than 300 m² of space for testing, service and ABB University training areas. In keeping with our standards, the new building is located in an exceptionally good spot and meets current energy demands.  The switch to the new location is planned to take place during the first half of 2014,” ABB ČR General Director Hannu Kasi revealed.


Spread across six overground floors, the Nová Karolina Park Administrative centre boasts almost 24 600 m2 premium quality office space. This is further enhanced by 3 700 m2 of space on the ground floor, suitable for retail, services and dining. The underground floor offers 280 parking spaces for those using the building.

Nová Karolina Park is certified according to the prestigious British certification method for green buildings, BREEAM. The architectural proposal for the project was the brainchild of the designers Vít Máslo and David R. Chisholm from the CMC architects studio.