Nová Karolina is located in the centre of Ostrava, linking “old” and “new” Ostrava. The project has excellent connections with public transportation – tram and bus stops (stop: Karolina) are located directly in front of the building (trams 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18 and buses 21 and 81). The Ostrava-střed train station is located 5 minutes’ walk away.

The building is accessible by personal transportation – parking is available on the street directly adjacent to the building; public parking lots are available at the nearby Forum Nová Karolina shopping centre, as well as in the private underground parking lot in the Nová Karolina building.

Several bank branches, a pharmacy, cafeteria, café, and other retail and service establishments are located within the Nová Karolina building which are available for use by tenants throughout the day.


  • 30 minutes by car from Český Těšín and Frýdek-Místek
  • 45 minutes by car from Opava
  • 1 hour by car from Olomouc
  • 2.5 hours by train from Prague
  • 1.5 hours by car from Brno
  • 55 minutes by car from Katowice, 1.5 hours by car from Krakow, 2 hours by car from Wroclaw
  • 3 hours by car from Bratislava


Coal mining. Ironworks. A coking plant. These are all a part of the history of the old Karolina. Industry started to develop along the Imperial Road at the end of the nineteenth century. An industrial complex was originally established on this site next to the Imperial Road, leading from Opava to Těšín, connecting the southernmost edge of Ostrava’s medieval town centre with the historical Vítkovice Ironworks.

The 1970s saw the start of a decline in the Karolina coking plant’s activities and its operations were terminated once and for all in the late 1980s. As a part of the effort to improve the environment and to make it possible to use this unique space located in the town’s centre, the entire area was decontaminated.